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Musical Works

I'm a multi-genre singer-songwriter, rapper, producer, gaming broadcaster and Ubisoft Partner living in Los Angeles, California.

My first big musical production came to fruition thanks to the video game publisher, Ubisoft. I worked alongside Ubisoft Montpellier to help launch their first collaboration with Joseph Gordon-Levitt's platform, Hitrecord.

My musical work is featured in:

  • Beyond Good and Evil 2 (15+ songs)
  • Watch Dogs Legion (5 songs)
  • Jessica Alba's ASMR You Scared of the Dark
  • Zappos Mixtape, Sundance
  • Hitrecord Mixtape
  • Band Together, SXSW

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Musical Credits

Beyond Good and Evil 2

  • Unite Us: concept, composer, producer, musician, lyrics, vocal composition + arrangement, lead + backup vocals
  • Fantasy: lead vocals + vocal composition, partial lyrics for english verses (excluding rap)
  • Pirate Riot: lyrics + vocal composition for verses, lead vocals for 1st verse, backup vocals for chorus.
  • Onwards: lyrics, lead vocals + vocal composition for spanish verse, backup vocals, spoken word
  • Shankara: lead vocals + vocal composition for 1 verse, backup vocals, partial lyrics
  • Temple Sounds: backup vocals
  • The Debaucherist: backup vocals
  • Acapella stinger: backup vocals
  • Blessings of Ganesha: backup vocals
  • Soma's Shade: concept, lyrics + vocal composition for all (english) female vocals, small lyrical alterations to chorus, lead vocals for (sung/english) female verses, backup vocals for chorus.
  • Bang Bang: lyrics, lead vocals + vocal composition for last rap verse
  • Light That Shit Up: concept, lyrics + vocal composition for three verses and chorus, female vocals and voice acting towards end
  • Good Villains: lyrics + lead vocals + vocal composition for last verse, backup vocals for english hook
  • Hybrid for Life: lead vocal melody + performance for small break
  • Dance Dance: minor chorus revisions/backing vocals
  • We'll Fight: backing vocals

Watch Dogs Legion

  • Unite and Conquer - co-writer for chorus lyrics. Revision to first verse.
  • Over my Shoulder - backup vocals
  • Rise for War - backup vocals
  • Awaken the Anarchy - backup vocals

Jessica Alba's ASMR You Scared of the Dark

Credits: Sound Design

  • The Hallway, Episode 2: FAlling
  • Night, Night, Episode 2: Nightmares
  • Like Old Chalk, Episode 3
  • Vines are Growing in my Room Finale: Can't Scream, Run or Move

Zappos Mixtape - Sundance

  • Late Bloomer: lead vocals, lyrics and vocal melody for female verses + prechorus, vocal arrangement / production
  • Spacewalk: concept, lead vocals in two verses, backup vocals, lyrics for one verse + chorus, vocal arrangement
  • Move your Feet: lead vocals + vocal melody for Spanish section
  • The Hedgehog: lead vocals + vocal melody for small portion of song.
  • Light as a Feather: partial lyrics for chorus
  • This is Not a Waltz: backup vocals
  • Now You Know: backup vocals

Hitrecord Mixtape

  • Beautiful: concept, producer, lyrics + vocal composition for first verse, chorus and bridge, backup vocals
  • Plus One - co-writer lyrics + vocal composition, backup vocals


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Past Collaborations:

Ubisoft - assisted with launch of Hitrecord collaboration / management of musical launch for Unite Us / spoke at E3 panel with developers. This collaboration was ongoing throughout several years. (2016 - 2020). Ubisoft Star Player in 2018. Ubisoft partner as of 2023.

Women-led Games - previews and gameplay clips showcasing women-led games (April 7-9, 2023)

Kepler Interactive & Awaceb - shorts and long-from video content for Tchia (2023)

EGD - spoke at a panel about my musical work in Beyond Good and Evil 2 and Watch Dogs Legion (April 16, 2023)

BioWare - video coverage of Mass Effect Andromeda Multiplayer content (2017)

Creator Assets

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Stingers and bumpers can be used in a variety of ways for podcasts, videos and livestreams. These three packs each come with 6 tracks that you can use to enhance your noncommercial creations. Attribution required. They're availabe to download for $1 each via itch.io. If you would like to license a sound please contact me. Do not sample tracks without clearance.

  • Glitch features tracks suited for modern and technological themes.
  • Crystal Caves features tracks suited for whimsical, magical and mysterious themes.
  • Sway features tracks with a slight latin, urban, electronic flair.


Interested in working together?

email me: denissetakes@me.com

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