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Musical Works

Denisse is a multi-genre singer-songwriter, rapper and producer living in Los Angeles, California.

Years of networking in the gaming industry as a creator allowed her to realize lifelong dreams as a singer-songwriter. Her first big musical production came to fruition thanks to the video game publisher, Ubisoft (Montpellier). The company first made contact in 2017 / 2018 to help launch their first collaboration with Joseph Gordon-Levitt's platform, Hitrecord.


  • Beyond Good and Evil 2 (15+ songs)
  • Watch Dogs Legion (5 songs)
  • Jessica Alba's ASMR You Scared of the Dark
  • Zappos Mixtape, Sundance
  • Hitrecord Mixtape
  • Band Together, SXSW (Emmy Nominated)

For more detailed information see the Credits page.

Give it a Try

Give it a Try is a jazzy, hip hop tune about perseverance, hope, pain and the loss of humanity experienced since the pandemic began. It’s written from the perspective of an immunosuppressed organ transplant recipient (Denisse Takes) who’s struggle was documented by the New York Times. The song does not go on the attack. It’s meant to inspire reflection and cooperation.

Give it a Try was produced by iD3 in Rennes, France. The vocals and lyrics were put together by Denisse in Los Angeles, California.

The song is currently available to hear on SoundCloud. iD3 and Denisse are hoping to secure label backing before releasing it on all other streaming platforms.

Denisse’s Links

iD3 on Bandcamp

Musical Credits

Beyond Good and Evil 2

  • Unite Us: Concept. Composer, producer, musician, lyrics, vocal composition + arrangement, lead + backup vocals
  • Fantasy: Lead vocals, back up vocals + vocal composition, lyrics for english verses and chorus (excluding rap)
  • Pirate Riot: Lyrics + vocal composition for verses, lead vocals for 2 verses, backup vocals for chorus.
  • Onwards: Lyrics, lead vocals + vocal composition for spanish verse and spoken word. Lyrics for the prechorus. Backup vocals.
  • Shankara: Lead vocals + vocal composition for 2 verses, backup vocals, partial lyrics
  • Temple Sounds: Backup vocals
  • The Debaucherist: Backup vocals
  • Acapella stinger: Backup vocals
  • Blessings of Ganesha: backup vocals
  • Soma's Shade: Concept. Vocal composition for all (english and french) female vocals including rap verse. Lyrics for all female english verses and bridge. Small lyrical alterations to chorus. Lead vocals for (sung/english) female verses. Backup vocals throughout the song
  • Bang Bang: Lyrics, lead vocals + vocal composition for last rap verse
  • Light That Shit Up: Concept. lyrics + vocal composition for three verses and chorus, female vocals and voice acting towards end
  • Good Villains: Lyrics + lead vocals + vocal composition for English portion of bridge, backup vocals for English hook
  • Hybrid for Life: vocal composition + performance for small break
  • Dance Dance: Minor chorus revisions/backing vocals
  • We'll Fight: Backing vocals, spanish voice-over

Watch Dogs Legion

Jessica Alba's ASMR You Scared of the Dark

Credits: Sound Design

  • The Hallway, Episode 2: Falling
  • Night, Night, Episode 2: Nightmares
  • Like Old Chalk, Episode 3
  • Vines are Growing in my Room Finale: Can't Scream, Run or Move

Zappos Mixtape - Sundance

Hitrecord Mixtape

  • Beautiful: concept, producer, lyrics + vocal composition for first verse, chorus and bridge, backup vocals
  • Plus One - co-writer lyrics + vocal composition, backup vocals

Collaborations with Producers

  • Give it a Try (produced by iD3): lyrics + vocal composition, performance for all vocals.


Past Collaborations:

Ubisoft - assisted with launch of Hitrecord collaboration / management of musical launch for Unite Us / spoke at E3 panel with developers. This collaboration was ongoing throughout several years. (2016 - 2020). Ubisoft Star Player in 2018. Ubisoft Partner as of 2023.

Women-led Games - previews and gameplay clips showcasing women-led games (April 7-9, 2023)

Kepler Interactive & Awaceb - shorts and long-from video content for Tchia (2023)

EGD - spoke at a panel musical work in Beyond Good and Evil 2 and Watch Dogs Legion (April 16, 2023)

BioWare - video coverage of Mass Effect Andromeda Multiplayer content (2017)


Interested in working together?

email me: denissetakes@me.com

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